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Evercharge is the powerful AI-tool for
charging infrastructure operations

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From the core of energy innovation and AI technology something unique has been created



Bigger networks mean more data. With Evercharge, you have the ultimate transparency and can recognize patterns.



Many factors affect the health of your charger. Evercharge provides an efficient way to see through the fog of data.



Every operator should have access to the latest learnings. Evercharge recommends what could optimize your network.



Not every issue has to be handled manually. Evercharge can take action for you if you like.

eMobility is scaling up

Charging infrastructure is the backbone of the mobility transition towards a more sustainable future. Many companies are expanding their networks and will rely on stable operations to ensure commercial success.

Besides commercials factors, switching to EVs is about building trust. Trust in available charging infrastructure.

> 500.000

charging points in Europe

> 45 %

annual growth

> 6 %

downtime on average


building trust in EV charging

Common challenges

A larger network leads to more data

Having 50 charging stations in focus is manageable, but keeping an eye on the health of larger networks is a real challenge for CPOs.

Reactive rather than proactive

Charger downtime can happen suddenly, without you knowing it. This means you are always going to be one step behind, missing out on revenue or putting your reputation at risk.

The customer knows before you do

Even if your CPMS shows that a charger is generally available, charging success is not guaranteed. Many factors besides being online are necessary in order to offer customers a successful charging experience.

Like eating soup with a fork

Today’s CPMS systems are first and foremost a tool for administration and configuration – not for in-depth availability management. This means that searching for root causes or patterns can take ages.

What are the consequences?

Less revenue

Running charging infrastructure has become a real business. Revenue continuity is key. More highly frequented locations in particular can lose several thousand euros per day.

More resources needed

Analyzing more data and issues needs a larger team. Besides higher resolution times, costs for a larger team will have an impact on profitability.

Reputation at risk

If customers experience inconvenience too often they will avoid certain stations. In times of social media and online ratings this impression will spread and lead to even more reputation and revenue risk.

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