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Highway traffic & automated healing

Highways are a busy place, so are charging stations at highways. The locations are therefore particularly valuable and must offer maximum availability. A failure must be recognised quickly and solved even faster. Evercharge constantly analyses the communication of the charging stations and can intervene immediately in the event of anomalies, faster than a human operator. With automatic healing, some errors can even be resolved automatically via a restart.

The cooked plug & health predicition

More charging processes year after year. Material wear is also finding its way into a young industry such as e-mobility. It is important to recognise wear at an early stage, especially for live parts. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Evercharge can recognise up to a week in advance whether there are deviations in the charging values. The Health Index simply and conveniently indicates that a charging station may still be working today, but will soon need a service.

The know pile & the charging model

Charging stations must be available at all times and in all weathers. The challenge is when a station is technically functional, but usage or access is not possible. This can be the case, for example, if there is snow in front of the charging station or the display is broken. Operators only notice underutilisation rarely or too late. Evercharge uses machine learning to indicate for each charging point that less charging is taking place than expected.

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