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The overview: all the data in one place.

See the complete history of your charger in one place

Only a working charger is a good charger. In the past, it was all about commissioning, configuration, and charge detail records. However, with increasing utilization of your network, downtimes also occur more often.

Getting into OCPP message trails to find out what went wrong is both inefficient and one step too late.

This is why Evercharge analyzes every single OCPP message in your entire infrastructure. It connects the dots and lets you identify the most significant indicators easily.

Timing is everything

Mostly, we see a snapshot of the current situation. We have learned that having a clearly arranged timeline helps you to analyze events and recognize correlations.

This is why Evercharge gives you a time-machine function that displays the status history, charging event history, and connectivity of recent weeks together with respective events that may have led to a failure.

In particular, the joint presentation of all charging points at one charging station and their different behaviors can provide essential insights.

Failures are not like 1 or 0

Sometimes unavailability is a puzzle. That is why the charging model combines many different indicators and also tracks charging behavior.

This can reveal if a charger that seems OK at first glance is nevertheless avoided by EV drivers for some reason. With that information, loss of revenue can be easily avoided.

Prediction: the Health Index

Detect >80 % of failures before your customers do

As with humans, charger health is more than just good or bad. It is a compilation of many factors and signals. This is why Evercharge introduced the Health Index: a smart AI-generated indicator to see if your infrastructure is in good shape.

Next-level efficient operations are all about prediction. With the Health Index, you see that service activity is needed days before a charger goes offline or breaks. That means you notice before your customer does.

Remove hassle: automated healing

First aid for your charger

At busy times, some charging stations may have a hiccup. Evercharge takes into account many different reasons for actual or near unavailability and takes measures to correct this.

Sometimes even a simple restart, based on certain indicators, may provide the required first aid and ensure reliable operations and thus satisfied customers.

Analysis: the deep insight mode

Next-level charging history

Listing charge detail records is common. However, especially with high-performance DC charging infrastructure, it is not only about charging, but about power delivery.

This is why Evercharge not only shows charging history, but also lets you see how well your charger is performing in terms of volts, amperes, and power delivery.

With this feature, you can easily identify low-performing power stacks or anomalies with certain car models.

Detailed error history

Root cause analysis can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Evercharge provides you with a clear and easy-to-understand overview.

Besides knowing what went wrong, it is always helpful to receive some context. This is why you can see if the error occurred only once or if it was solved by an automated restart or maybe a charging session.

With these features, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find the root cause, and can save a lot of time in the process.

Ticket automation

Several individuals stumbling across the same mistake can mean inefficient operations. That is why Evercharge can connect to your ticketing system and show if a ticket has already been created for a charging point.

Creating tickets and pushing them to your leading ticketing system is also possible and saves you a lot of time.

Check out your ‘hood

Misfortunes seldom comes alone. With neighbourhood mode, you can monitor chargers located in a single area. This is how you detect systematic failures.

Especially before sending the service crew to a site, an indication about other chargers with service needs can help to reduce maintenance costs and allow you to be on-site before the next charger breaks.

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